Hi, I'm Ahmed Riched!

Based in Los Angeles California, Ahmed takes a lot inspiration from the rich culture in such a popular urban city. Ahmed founded and runs a clothing brand, For the Ummah, as well as a clothing decorating company, Above and Beyond Culture. Ahmed is a big picture thinker and a thorough story teller. Brand Identity is an area of design that Ahmed thrives.

For the Ummah Branding
NOW Watch
A fictional smart watch brand. Logo and Packaging are all original works of art. 4 different watches for different lifestyles.
GOTV Posters
An ad campaign consisting of 3 posters aimed at increasing voting numbers within different communities.
Goosebumps Bookcover Redesign
3 book cover redesigns from the bestselling fiction novel series, Goosebumps.
SOLED Magazine
A full length Sneaker and Fashion Magazine conceptualized, designed, printed, and bound by Ahmed Riched
Sports Photography X Food
A collection of iconic photographs throughout sports history manipulated and edited with various objects related to food.
Toytopia Logo and Packaging
A logo conceptualized and created for a fictional toy company. This project includes a packaging design and sock puppet design.
Li-Ning Rotoscope Ad
A 16 second frame-by-frame animation created using the real life motion of NBA superstar Dwyane Wade to promote his sneaker Brand.
NBA Promotional Graphics
Collection of NBA related Graphics, manipulated and edited by Ahmed Riched.
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